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Wed, 11 Dec 1996 13:21:43 +0000

>Hello AJ list,

>"Madness (Conversations With My Sanity)" EP
>Typically called "headphone music", these songs are hip hop orchestrations,
>similar to tracks by DJ SHADOW and/or DJ KRUSH.

Hey folks, the Q-Bean here... just want to give my 'thumbs way up in the
stratosphere' sign to the Molasses EP... got my copy of this exploding bomb
of a wax pyrotechnic and its been spinning my head since... yeah it's 'hip
hop orchestrations' and 'atmospheric' and that possible baloney but these
beats wreck with the fattness! Ya just might need some serious neck massage
action because your head'll be nodding so hard. Shadow and all are good
reference points, but this is pretty unique on its own, and a bit more
sonically there, too. Recommended manyfold.

Beware though... the vinyl spins at 45 RPM... I let my good friend and
superb Jacksonville DJ Darrel Duke check it out on headphones yesterday.
"You actually play stuff like this?" he asked. "Of course!" was the answer,
not realising that he was previewing Molasses at a sludge pace of 33 RPM.
Oh well.

As far as Funky Ass Records goes, I've got the Skooby record here in the
shop (solid acid jazz-rock fusion, like the stuff released by the Acid Jazz
label/Planet offshoot, etc.) and I can safely tell you there are two Funky
Ass Records... the west coast joint aligned with his holiness Kool Keith,
and this label Skooby are on. The catalog number on this LP is '4' (the LP
is 'Hitch A Ride With Skooby') so there must be 3 others... if yer curious,
the address is Funky Ass Records; 3b Porchester Rd.; Newbury, Berks RG14
7QJ UK. My guess is this is Skooby's own label.

Lastly, any truth to the rumor that JAZID magazine is no more?

See ya-

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"There's an emphasis nowadays in hip-hop on how you're representing instead
of what you're representing. Think of the realms you travel to create what
hasn't been created- take it to where it hasn't been taken. Art can always
be improved upon. It's constant travel, so you can't really trip off it."
-Gift of Gab, Solesides Crew
from Straight No Chaser Issue 37