Gen Kanai (gkanai@earthlink.net)
Fri, 13 Dec 1996 00:06:12 -0800 (PST)

This is the polling ballot for the 1996 Acid-Jazz list poll. (You thought
I forgot, right? ;)

Please send each ballot directly to <gkanai@earthlink.net> Ballots send to
the list at large and not to <gkanai@earthlink.net> will not be considered.
Please feel free to send a copy of your votes to the list at large if you
so desire.

The voting begins immediately and will close at the beginning of the 1997
year. The results will be tabulated and available on the Acid-Jazz list

If someone wants to try to define "Easy Like Sunday Morning," "Four On The
Floor," or "Thick Morass Of Hazy Chronic Smoke," please do so to the list
at large.

send below list with entries to <gkanai@earthlink.net> thank you!

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1996 Acid-Jazz list poll


Top Album of 1996

Top Song of 1996

Top Artist / Group of 1996

Best Vocal Song of 1996

Best Instrumental Song of 1996

"Easy Like Sunday Morning" Song of 1996

"Four On The Floor" Song of 1996

"Thick Morass Of Hazy Chronic Smoke" Song of 1996

Best Compilation of 1996

Best Label of 1996

Best Magazine of 1996

Best Album Cover of 1996

Best Club of 1996

Best DJ of 1996

Overrated Project of 1996

Underrated Project of 1996

Best use of "electronica" in a national ad spot 1996

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