re: eMpTV (really an excuse for a shameless Fog City plug)

Dan Prothero (
Mon, 16 Dec 1996 12:35:06 -0800

> Because I'm such a lazy bastard these days, I was sitting at home on Saturday
> night and caught a show called "amp" on Mtv, which featured videos from Space
> Time Continuum, Autechre, Tricky, Chemical Bros, Orbital etc. I think it was
> on from around 12pm til 1am. Is this a new thing? Has Mtv gone and become
> cool after all these years? Did anyone else see the show?

Had an interesting conversation with Jeff Patterson from IUMA (a great
guy by the way). He sez that MTV is emphasizing formatted half-hour
shows because the way TV ratings work, you have to have half-hour shows.
They can now up the ad prices on their rate cards because they can show
ratings for their (game) shows.


Watch the Dennis Rodman Show on MTV (14 weekly episodes, started a few
weeks ago) - there are FOUR Galactic tracks being used for background
music... I don't have cable, so I'd like to know if anyone who has the
CD hears the songs...

Dan Prothero

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