Re: Headz 2 A and B

dj herb (
Thu, 03 Jan 1980 00:56:32 +0100

Pedro Cevallos wrote:
> On Tue, 1 Jan 1980, dj herb wrote:
> > When it comes to albums like that i dont give a damn what they cost.
> > I bought em both + two of the Headz II Samplers (12"s)...
> Aren't the samplers on the comps anyway? Are there any worthy remixes not
> on the comps? Let us know...

Yeah..atleast the two 12"s i got have tracks off the comp...
theres one with a hiphop vibe containing:
Zimbabwe Legit - Shadows legitimate mix
Dj Krush - Kemuri ('94 part 2)
The other one is more techno'ish..with:
Urban Tribe - Covert Action
Lo-Fi Sensibilities - Cabin fever

I know the third sampler got delayed, havent got it yet :P ..but its
sposed to have a jungle flavour...

Kinda reminds you of the old Excurtion series from Mo'Wax... hiphop,
techno and jungle :)
By the way..the excurtion 12"s have been collected and released on a
compilation called, yes, "Excurtions" :)


dj herb
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