Re: Headz 2 A and B

Tony Reid (
16 Dec 96 11:35:02 -0800

> I wish I could say I'd scrapped up enough money.....did that packaging
> really cost Mo'Wax all that much???? Sheesh......I want those dics soooo
> bad......

pc> I got them on vinyl and they were $44 each set (so $88 for both of
pc> them). It's very expensive and even though the packaging is quite
pc> attractive I also just wanted the records. Oh well...great comp
pc> nevertheless! :)

i'm w/p... i don't have the collection yet, but it looks like it's gonna be
a pain in the ass to put it in my crate... grr!


... ...and that's the t-bird opinion (whether you asked or not!)