DJ Kicks, Headz 2 & wondering what is with the Stereo MCs

Yuuta Sasaki (
Fri, 27 Dec 1996 15:55:18 -0500

Hey all. Went out a Boxing Day shopping yesterday. Finally got the Headz 2 and
the K&D DJ Kicks. Pretty decent stuff.

Played the K&D a few times, surprised by the dub-y and junglist bend. While the
Coldcuts mix disc was just a heck of a lot of fun, the K&D seemed to have a
certain-realizing this is a vague term-class to it. The approach was a welcome
change with other mix disc I've got in the last year (Chem Bros., Jon Carter, Justin
Robertson) all sounding like stale copies of the Coldcuts.

As for the Headz 2, there's a lot of tracks, aren't there? Haven't heard any disc
completely yet. Heard the Vibert track folks were praising, and yeah cool stuff with
the piano jumping in and out of tune. What the hell is with that Portishead mix of
The Time Has Come? Wasn't that on the original Headz not to mention a gazillion
other Mo'Wax-related comps? And UNKLE's new track is, well, crap. Garage Piano

Then there's the Stereo MCs track, What Is Soul. The liner notes state the track is
from back in '88, it doesn't say that it's been in anyway remixed for the comp. The
track is easily as strong as any of the more recent contributions. Capable of
creating stuff like it still, Ground Level off of Connected and that one they
contributed to the Help charity album, (I think) they can be the equal of your
Massive Attacks. It's too bad they can't get their act together and come out with
another album. Are they even an ongoing concern? Crying shame.

yuuta sasaki