Re: Jhelisa

DeAngela Duff (
Tue, 1 Apr 1997 10:32:27 -0500 (EST)

Jhelisa's album clocks in at 58:03. Yes, it is short, but I like it much
better than her first. At first, when I read the credits, before listening
to the album, I was like "what is wrong with her? why isn't she using Matt
Cooper as her producer?," but after listening I'm glad she didn't. The
songwriting is exceptionally strong too.

I think it is a much more sophisticated release than her first, and songs
like "Sell Me Away" and "That's Bulls*** Woody" are hauntingly unique. I
highly recommend it. However, I just read a review saying that most people
love it or hate it. So... since my tastes appear to be a tad off-centered
(i.e. my enthusiasm for Nicolette's experimentation (noise to some)), get
a few other opinions first.

Speaking of Sophomore efforts, Spearhead's new release is disappointing.
What happened to Mary? Her vocals were a strong reason why I liked the
first so much. I saw an acapella performance by Mary and Michael Franti
and it sounded just as good as the entire band playing. Is she going solo?

Does anyone know what is going on with Carleen Anderson? I got an advance
of Laurnea's album on YabYum. Two of the Three Omar tracks are great songs.
He should have produced the whole album, but there is a song on there
named "Sun Don't Rain" produced by DJ Kemit that's real good too.
However, the rest of the album is mediocre. I think she has too many producers.

> Okay...went to my import store and saw Jhelisa for
> $25.99...Several pictures in the liner notes, etc. I was *this*
> close to charging the CD on my card, but at the last minute
> hesitated. I see there are a couple more songs than Galactica
> Rush(which I acquired for $14.99, which makes me want to hold out
> just a tad bit longer)... Does anyone know how many minutes the
> Language Electric clocks in at?

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