RE: Blaxploitation Song ID

Jon Jung (
Tue, 1 Apr 1997 13:04:33 -1000

Is this movie about a guy returning from the Vietnam War? If it is, I might be
able to ID the song by tomorrow...


Hi there,

can anyone help me with a song ID?

I was watching a bizarre baxploitaion flick called "Welcome Home Brother
Charles" and there is a song in it that is fantastic. Unfortunately there
was no listing at the end of the film so I thought I'd check with the AJ list.

The song starts with a typically dirty & funky clavinet riff;

Da Da Daah Ba da da Ba da da Da Da Daah Ba da da Ba da da

and the first verse goes;

little children on the street, ain't got no place to go.
mamma's got a whole lot of money, puttin it up her nose.
daddy's in the kitchen (yeah), workin' on an overdose.
talkin' 'bout junkies, pimps.....

If anyone knows where I could get hold of this track I'd appreciate it.

thanks Al.