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Jim Westrich (
Wed, 02 Apr 1997 13:22:46 -0600

At 10:37 PM 2/22/97 -0800, t-bird wrote:
> MI> Beth Orton is in fact not connected to Portishead at all....should be
> MI> Beth Gibbons...and she hasn't got a single. So forget it.
> isn't beth orton a former associate of the illustrious mr. william orbit?

Yes. Beth Orton sang on 3 or 4 songs on Strange Cargo's *Hinterland*. She
also sang on William Orbit's "Water from a Vine Leaf" EP. She also sang
on an early Red Snapper EP. She also sang "Alive: Alone" on Chemical
Brother's *Life is Sweet".

I personally think Beth Orton's album *Trailer Park* is quite good pop with
three "Weatheralled" chilled out tracks and another version of the
Orbit/Orton "She Cries Your Name". I do think Beth Orton's best work is
her simple pop/folk stuff that comes on B-sides of her singles: "Safety",
"Spotlight", "Pedestal" (although my guess is people on this list would
disagree). I also think that most anyone would be impressed by the tight
live version of "Galaxy of Emptiness" on her most recent single (her album
and live band includes some pretty solid musicians including some Red
Snapper members).



"Gender is just an excuse, relationships shouldn't be an excuse; love is
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