RE: Pusher Man/Soundtracks

Jon Jung (
Wed, 2 Apr 1997 07:57:52 -1000

Some more soundtrack info for both Curtis and Isaac. Curtis Mayfield has two
other soundtracks, _Let's Do It Again_ which he recorded with the Staple
Singers. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, this hasn't been reissued on CD or
vinyl. But, if you're persistent enough, check out the instrumental "Big Mac".
Also, _Small Eyes_ (I think this is the name) which really only has one good
song "Do Do Wap Is Strong In Here" (which has Curtis using a *bad* word).

As far as Mr. Hayes goes, he has a double disc of soundtrack stuff that he did
in the '70s "Truck Turner" and "Two Tough Guys". The latter is famous for
"Buns Aplenty" (sampled by KRS-One on his last album), while the former has
"Pursuit of the Pimpmobile" which is one of my favorite blaxploitation tracks

More to chew on...


Try his landmark LP, _Hot Buttered Soul_.


>So long as we're on soundtracks....on the Dead President's soundtrack
>there is a version of "Walk on By" (a Burt Bacharach classic?) done by
>Isaac Hayes which I thought was super phat....does Isaac Hayes have a
>release with more tracks recorded like that? so fly....