Re: Pusher Man/Soundtracks

dj herb (
Wed, 02 Apr 1997 23:26:31 +0200

Recently got Lets Do It Again from a friend...he aparently digged it out
of his parents' old record crate together with some Hubert Laws and Les
McCann albums and i was lucky enough to get ahold of them all :)
I gotta admit ive hardly listened to the soundtrack since i got it (i
got too blown away by Hubert Laws' "what are we gonna do?") but i got
Big Mac on right now... thanx for the tip..its great :) I defenetly
gotta give the whole album a better listen.
As for the re-issuing..i dono.. if its any help the original album was
released by Curtcom Music and distributed by Warner Bros back in 1975.
The number is CU 5005 ...

..does anyone know how many people have sampled Curtis' "future shock"?
i swear im hearing that everywhere!

and im out...
dj herb

Jon Jung wrote:

Some more soundtrack info for both Curtis and Isaac. Curtis
Mayfield has two
other soundtracks, _Let's Do It Again_ which he recorded with the
Singers. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, this hasn't been reissued
on CD or
vinyl. But, if you're persistent enough, check out the instrumental
"Big Mac".