Re: VS: Silent Poets/French rap questions

DJ Lo-Ki (
Thu, 03 Apr 1997 09:50:48 -0500

Kovalainen Antti wrote:
> >haves. Also as far as French rap i am pretty much in the dark besides
> >mc solaar and sens unik. i've seen a comp of french rappers a short
> >while ago but forget the name and label. Anyone have any recomendations?
> > Compilation or otherwise? Thanks a lot!
> Check out Soon-E-MC, nice jazzy sounds. On the more 'cap peelin' lines
> check out Supreme NTM.

Not that this is very relevant and not to trash Soon-E-MC in general,
he's a fine artist, but this brought back a memory for me... about 5
years ago, when I was living in Madison WI going to school, there was
only one record store selling acid jazz vinyl and I pretty much solely
supported the store's interest in imports on the jazzy tip (i.e. if I
didn't buy it it wasn't going to move and the store owner would lose
money on it...) Anyway, one day a 12" by Soon E MC came in and was ok,
but I didn't like it enough to buy it... well needless to say that
record stayed in the store for months and became a standing joke between
the store owner and I, i.e. whenever I'd come in and he had no new
imports in the store, he would try to palm it off on me again, and
again... Lo-Ki - "anything new Tony??", Tony - "well there's this hot
cut you should REALLY check out..." at which point he would hand me the
Soon E MC track... again, and again (he actually got me to listen to it
again a couple of times without noticing that is wasn't new for the
first 10 seconds, by being this sneaky).

Well I never did buy it and after I left Madison, I heard that the store
went out of business (probobly with that 12" still in it's crates)...
the moral being don't buy records at the megastore, support your local
independant record store because they're way cooler and make good
friends (Tony taught me more about being a DJ than anyone with the
possible exception of DJ Chillfreeze, not to mention giving me a sweet
deal on a used SL1200)

sorry to waste bandwidth,