"French" Rap...

Gabriel Mangano (gabriel.mangano@cwp.unil.ch)
Thu, 3 Apr 1997 19:13:41 +0100

S/ one wrote earlier:
>Also as far as French rap i am pretty much in the dark besides
>mc solaar and sens unik.

Sorry to be a bit off-topic, since this is really an AJ list, but... I have
to say that I take some pride in pointing out that Sens Unik are actually
not French, but come from my home town of Lausanne, Switzerland :-) ! They
mostly rap in French, but since one of their leads (MC Carlos) is Spanish,
they tend to do some mix-and-match of languages... If you like hip-hop, DO
check them out: they're worth it, and they've been in hip-hop since day one


G ;-)


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