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Carlos Sanz Ramirez (
Wed, 09 Apr 1997 14:53:24 +0200

At 10:19 9/04/97 GMT, you wrote:
>>Helo Kiriqui :)
>>There is at least one funky spanish on the list, I can't beleive that
Gibraltar has it's own domain in the Internet :?.
> There are a few Spanish or Latino people on this list, myself
> included (well 1/2 of me is)!!!
>>But there is not much to discuss about this tiny rock, in the south
>>of Spain, robbed by the british :) The rock is wearing out :)
> Hehe.. Well put colega!!!
>>Well this is an Aj list , and I'm supposed to talk about AJ.
>>I live in madrid, and even if it is a big city (4M of lost souls) I have
problems to find clubs playing good groove.
>>At least we have a very good radio program twice a week, playing AJ and funky.
> I'm suprised, I would have thought that if anywhere in Spain, Madrid would
>have a good acid jazz/hip hop/ funk scene!!
> I'm off to Murcia next week for my cousin's wedding I doubt I'll
>see any AJ clubs there!!! But you never know! I seem to have the
>ability to sniff them out!! Last 2 years I went to Greece both in
>Zakynthos and Halkadiki (small resorts) I found really groovey bars
>with really knowledgable DJs!! Oh shit I forgot, there's a good salsa bar
>just up the road from where my parants live in San Javier!! That'll
>do me !!!
> I bet there are loads of Acid Jazz bars in Madrid!!
> Hasta Luego
> Rob

Hi! !Hola!

Here's another Spaniard talking... What a reunion... Whatever,
Madrid has a nice dance scene, but you can't call it "100% AJ". Clubs as "El
Sol", "Kathmandu" or "Morocco" qualify as AJ as well as many other things:
they dig AJ, slow or funky, one they, the next they turn eclectic and you
find yourself dancing to a great groove that can be French Hip-Hop, Stereo
MC, Dean Martin or a London DJ... You also have spots for techno heads (nice
techno, not Bakalao |-O ) such as the "BaliHai".

Actual music scene in Spain is full of good Hip-Hop and techno
groups, but lacks of purely AJ music.

That's just an opinion. Anyone? Jose C.? I can fight you all... ;-)

Un saludo,

Carlos Sanz Ramirez
Madrid, Espana (Spain)


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