Re: Nuyorican Soul

Gilbert Meyer-Gauen (gmg@hgc9)
Wed, 9 Apr 1997 10:58:08 -0600

Hi Jazzheads,

some notes from Texas:

first, I have both vinyl versions, the British 2 LP set and the 4 LP set
from the US. The British 2 LP set has one difference, which is that every
song is on its own (and not continously mixed as on the CD). If you can't
afford or find the 12" box, but you want to have every song without
transmissions than I would recommend the British one. But anyway, the 4 LP
box is still an option because of the great wax it's pressed on!!

Another thing. I adon't agree with all these opinions about the Armand van
Helden remix. Alright, if you don't like it, than I can understand when you
hate this version. But you shouldn't forget that sometimes remixes are made
for clubs and not for your living room, or for your car stereo. I mean,
it's sometimes strange because you hear the same version on your little
home stereo and don't pay attention to it at all. And than you go into a
club and suddenly the same song knocks you down. The same thing happenend
to me with this van Helden remix.

And I think that such remixes can help a project like Nuyorican Soul to
become popular. And this remix is damn popular at the moment!! The whole
Nuyorican Soul project's intention was to bring house, latin and other
grooves to people, to educate people about this music styles. So don't
blame it too much.

BTW, every one on this list who hasn't listened, bought or grooved to
Nuyorican Soul should better move to the next record store and buy this

Peace, Gilbert (