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Elson Trinidad wrote:
> I've only heard the Armand Van Helden remix of NuYorican Soul's latest
> tune. It's okay, but it's obviously tricked out in the Van Helden style of
> the incessant house beat and the annoying repetitive vocal sample "Play
> those styles! Play Those styles!" ad nauseaum. Another reason why remixes
"play them vibes;" he samples India saying "play them vibes, Vince" to
Vince Montana (from salsoul fame)

> can be annoying. I'm dying to hear the original, which is probably
> obviously better. Is it on the web somewhere?
The highlight of the remix is the bass-line which he samples out of the
song, which proves to be very infectious. The remix is meant to make
folks dance, not necessarily showcase individual musicianship. If you
check out what effect the remix has on the dancefloor, you'll find that
in that respect it is highly succesful.

The Nuyorican Soul project is an excellent representation of dance,
jazz, latin jazz and soul and definitely worth picking up. Also see
interview at http://www.insync.net/~djsun

My 2 cents