Re: Smoke City - Underwater Love

chris johanesen (
Tue, 9 Apr 1996 02:38:57 +0000

> Also this 'Underwater Love' band seem to be releasing an album,
> does anybody know anything about them?(ie Name, where they're from)
> I quite like the single although the bits in English are cheesy, I
> prefer the Portuguese words. (Although they might be cheesy, but I
> don't understand Potuguese!)

I'm almost positive that's the song "Underwater Love" by a band
called "Smog City". The song is on The Rebirth of Cool, vol 6
(UK version). The album liner notes say that the singer is
Nina Miranda, but I don't know anything elset the band, but the
song is dope as hell, i sure hope the band is comming out with
more stuff. I even like the lyrics :-) If anyone else knows anything
about them i'd love to know also.

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