some new stuff...

Marten Brink (
Thu, 10 Apr 1997 16:24:18 +0200

well, once again ill waste bandwidth with some new byus and my opinion,
home it gives something to someone out there....

why the depressed tone you might thing? well, ive come to the conclusion
that im bored with almost every new relesase after about two listens...
hmm... well, lets get on with it...

: Chemical Brothers - dig your own hole

Noone can have missed this. Still, im more bored than ever. Well, sure,
its nice and all, but nothing really new. Personally I think the new
single Block Rocking Beats is the weakest on the album... but...
well, anyway its a nice buy since this is good, but not original in any
way anymore. Still, the Chem.Bros is nowdays mainstream I guess....
strange world this... but, for more original releases i recomend early
Front 242 or Skinny Puppy stuff, its almost the same except the more
"modern" samples used... or why not go for Depeche Mode, I mean Setting
Sun with Noel Gallagher (Oasis if you didnt know :) still sounds like
any normal Depeche song, even tho remixed since the single relesase...
well, thats my opinion for what it matters :)

: Death In Vegas - dead elvis

nice title ehh ?! :) well, a good album, but once again, nothing to
original really. Still, worth a look see for all you beat addicts...

: Corduroy - the joker is wild

a 12" from the original soundtracketeers (or something....) . In fact,
it passed me by completley at first, but i guess i kinda like it. Its
tight, its funky, its easy - its acid-jazz I guess :) . 4 tracks (2
remixes of the joker...) well worth buying...

: Donald Byrd - Places And Spaces

not new, but at last rerelased in Europe by Blue Note. Excellent album
alltogether. Funky-jazz at its softest and best. Most songs have been
released on compilations and best of:s, but still - its a classic

: Various - Idyllic "new chapter"

Idyllic is from what i understand the label that took over most of
Bellissimas old acts. Well, this is a compilation of japanese stuff. To
be exact its Silent Poets, Takemura (and Spiritual Vibes) and Natural
Calamity. Soft jazz/pop with lots of Bossa in it. Released in Europe
through 99 Records. Nice one indeed, and for once some new songs I
havent heard in to many versions - unfortunatley some old songs too wich
I already have in to many mixed versions...

well, thats about it for now, but still Im bored with most new releases.
hell, I even admitted to myself today that I really like early Van
Morrison stuff - thats what I call definition of bored...

ok, just because im bored i wont bore you... Im out for now... :)