RE: under the covers

Balfourth, Winston (
Fri, 1 Aug 1997 15:33:00 +0100

This could turn into quite a long thread but nevertheless it oculd be
quite interesting. The Sergio Mendes is certainly great and ranks up
there a few others that spring to mind are:-

Ray Barretto - Pastime Paradise (Absolutely brilliant. A very
good album as well)
John Coltrane - My Favourite Things
O'Donnel Levy - We've only just begun
Boogaloo Joe Jones - Call me
Ella Fitzgerald - Mas que Nada
Grant Green - Sookie Sookie (From the album Alive)
Grant Green - Let the music take your mind (same album as above
Alive extra bad album)
Esther Philips - Home is where the hatred is (Got to hand it to
her this version is so hot )
Roy Ayers - You send me (brings back memories of my early years
listening to my brothers records)

The list is endless but these are just some of the remakes that spring
to mind.

Subject: under the covers
Date: Thursday, 31 July, 1997 17:19

Hello list members!

On a cassette tape of Gilles Petterson's set in Singapore last December,
dropped a succession of cover tunes which rocked the floor. The first
was a
Latinesque/Salsa-ish cover of "Fever" complete with female vocals, then
came a killer cha-cha rendition of The James Bond theme which was quite
groovy and to top it off was a funky version of "Venus".

I've been scouring all stores to find out who's it by since then without
success. Any list members in England who's heard his sets able to
enlightened me please?

On the subject of cover-versions...I'm just curious to know what's
all-time monster cover....the sort that brings a naturalsmile to your
everytime you put it on.
Mine's Shirley Bassey's Spinning Wheel (Liberty)/Light My Fire (Blue
+ Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66 's "For What It's Worth"