Re: Digest this!

Denise Benson (
Fri, 1 Aug 1997 11:42:54 -0400

hiya Eric & all,

I've gotta respond to Eric's query on this one:

>Does anyone know more about the Chris Bowden - 4 Hero collaboration?
>It sounds quite interesting, and was desribed as 'Strawinsky meets
>drum & bass'. Mark?

Unless they've collaborated on more tracks, I'm guessing you're referring
to the brand new 12" with 2 tracks: "Hero" and "Lullaby". It's tough to
know which track is which as the record is a white label type 'o thang
(with a really beautifully designed outer sleeve), but both tracks are
gorgeous. The "Stravinsky meets d&b descrip." is indeed somewhat fitting as
both pieces have loads of strings. Both are moody, slower and rather
sparse, but really, really nice. Not gonna be dance floor hits, but
certainly great for on-air or chilled club/lounge sets. One side is a wee
bit more 'club-friendly' as there are more beats 'n tings running thru that
people can latch onto....the other track very, very open. 'Nuff said, I

In short...I love this 12". :-)

Ciao for now all.

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