RE: UFO's language

Jon Jung (
Fri, 1 Aug 1997 10:09:32 -1000

Though I can't be entirely sure until a friend of mine in Japan comes through
with the goods (apparently, his group has played with UFO), they probably speak
Japanese to each other though I wouldn't completely rule out French either.
For a while, it was popular for Japanese to learn French. My co-worker tells
me that, in high school, Japanese students choose among French, English, and
German as a required second language (like how we in the U.S. choose among
French or Spanish) and French is a commmon choice. Probably the French guy
(Rafael?) has lived in Japan long enough to have picked up at least some of the
language as well, though....just some of my thoughts.


Funny, I didn't know my little remark about UFO's clothes started such a
thread...I was more serious about wanting to know which language they spoke
to one another (Japanese? French? English?). But thanks Robert, I guess you
answered my question, and when you mentioned
"The Planet Plan" that just about clinched it there. I'm going to Asia next
week, but won't be anywhere near Tokyo, but next time I'm there, and when I
have at least a 5-figure bank account (stuff in Tokyo is expensive, right?)
then I'll definitely check it out :)