New R&b things to catch

mark givens (
Sat, 02 Aug 1997 07:46:55 PDT

Dear List:
Be on the lookout for the following track/artist
Christion(sic)- If youre gonna rip off someone do it right. He
does ! The source : ol marvin Gaye. This guy does a song
called " Full of Smoke" that is great. The 12' even has an accapella
avail. Hey Marvin aint makin em like this anymore(oof!) so this guy has
the right to get down for the crown. If you have heard the album tell
me/us about it. Frankie-
Another slammer this one takes the loop from Snoop -Gs up Hoes
Down- and replays it replaces flutes and strings with bass and horns the
videos on Bet but I heard it instore and the clerk(cluck ) couldnt tell
me who it was. song title - er uh well look for the 12 he only has the
one Brand new heavies- Again im
late this has been out a while bu the q-tip mix is great best thing they
ever did Adriaina Evans has a new 12' with an
accapella out too

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