Re: Thievery Corporation (long)

Pedro F. Cevallos Jr. (
Sat, 02 Aug 1997 14:57:06 EDT

On Fri, 25 Jul 1997 13:41:53 -0800 Kevin <kevinf@DNAI.COM> writes:

>Thievery Corporation - sounds from the Thievery hi-fi
>total time: 66.59
>track summary:
>* second track: carried by an AIR sample (can't remember the name of
>the track),

Maybe Air sampled it too, but the original is "Breathe" by Pink Floyd off
"Dark Side of the Moon".

>nice beats, some scratching, some vocal samples (rastafarian &
>metaphysical stuff followed by hip hop 'got too many white boys...').
>if you like AIR and you like vocal samples (and aren't offended by the
>white boy thing), this track's for you.

My brother and I were talking about that "got too many white boys"
sample. Our first reaction was that it was racist. I know that both of
the Corporation boys are hispanic, but then my brother remembered that
joints are also refered to as "white boys". It kind of makes sense
contextually with all that rastafari ambience. I don't know...just a
thought. Maybe they were being racist. Anybody else have a different


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