Re: Da Da Da (VW commercial)

Erik Gaderlund (
Sun, 3 Aug 1997 18:26:13 -0700

Juuso Paaso <>
>> the song in the VW commercial is definitely TRIO with "Da Da Da".
> Excuse me, but just happened to pop into my mind... I mean that, is
>this the VW commercial where there's this hamster or something in a
>running wheel with a very catchy tune playing in the background? If
>so, I've been trying to find out what the tune is for a long time now
>so thanks.

I can't belive my song identification message would generate its own
thread, but thats what this list is about. Juuso, (how can you finns deal
with so many vowels?), the commerical that plays in the US is of a couple
of black and white dudes who are driving around in a red golf in what looks
like LA, where they spot an old chair on the sidewalk, then they leave it
because of the smell.

Thanks for all the tips,
erik g