Reviews/JTQ question/Philly?

Michael Aregood (
Thu, 7 Aug 1997 11:01:12 -0400

been picking up some sweet music lately so here's some reviews...

D*Note : Very cool heavy on the jazz tip stuff. Lot of instruments, sax,
piano, harp, flute, moraccas. Every song is different. I especially
liked the songs with the fat hip hop beats underneath. The song Black
Dog took me a couple listens to soak it in but now i can't get enough of
it. Gorgeous, gorgeous vocals by PY Anderson (?), more than one
breakdown part, and the beat is a skeleton of a jungle beat which
prominence slips in and out. Really nice stuff.

The Hightower Set - Departure Lounge : Mellow loungy trip-hop that could
be grouped in the Uriel vein. Definitely worth picking up.

Ballistic Bros. - (new one) : Sorry i haven't given this enough of a
listen to give a thorough review but should i have to? It's dope...

Metamatics- 02 : There is a series of 3 (?) of these from Clear all with
silver covers. Heavy on the electronic side and with no samples or
instruments. Reminds me of stuff from Atom Heart and that Lassigue
Benthaus sound but some of the beats stray into trip hop and dub. The
other in the series i listened to was kind of housy...

East-Westercism Compilation : Mellow experimental eastern vibe stuff.
This is a favorite of mine. I'm a big fan of Muslim Gauze and a few of
the artists here seem to have taken influence from them. Some of it
sounds like it would mix really well with a dub set and some of it could
be termed bhangra. It features Talvin Singh, Wagon Christ, Muslim
Gauze,T-Power and Bedouin Ascent.

I saw a new (i think it's new) James Taylor Quartet that looked like
some kind of spy soundtrack but wanted to find it on wax. Has anybody
heard it?

Finally, for the few Philly list members, i've been spinning jazzy beats
every Thurs. 10:00-2:00 in the Latest Dish on 4th and South below FLUID.
Hay...what's up with the Philly listees not down with the NYC meet? ;)


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