Re: Andre Harrell :Audi!!!!

kevin kiernan (
Tue, 12 Aug 1997 22:35:45 -0400

people wrote:
> "judge not before you....
> are so sure you have credible info as to the reasons
> why "Andre Harrel got kicked to the curb..."
> why you don't understand what he did for 2 years?

spent 10's of millions of dollars. generated 0 sales. signed 0
significant artists.

> why he took out those ads?

yeah, ego had nothing to do with those. he must have lost the battle
and been forced to mack out in that chair with the cigar dangling from
his fingers. right.

> what motown's needs were

sales and/or decent artists.

> and what solutions they were seeking...


> At 12:51 PM 8/12/97 PDT, mark givens wrote:

> >Disgusting! He acted just like a Rapper with his first royalty check.

i doubt that as dr. jekyl, of dr. jekyl & mr. hyde (genius of love)
fame, harrell ever actually collected a royalty check beyond his initial
advance. there are almost no recouped artists who actually receive
royalty checks.

> > how did he ever have success at uptown
> >was it all Puff daddy and the good luck to find a young Teddy Riley?

uptown started losing big money as soon as puffy left. i'm no puffy
fan, despite having been a regular at daddy's house at the red zone back
in the day, but he was definitely the force behind uptown.

a much better question, why did lisa cortez get blown out of loose
cannon records, also a polygram label? she lost much less than andre,
but was blown out faster. sexism? racism? bottomlinism?

-grumpy kev