Horace Andy...more

Carl Cranstone (getwired@carlosco.com.au)
Sat, 23 Aug 1997 00:32:03 +0930

Further to my recent post, I have one more Horace Andy CD. I just
spotted it in the shop tonight. It's called "Roots And Brances" and was
produced and mixed by Mad Professor. The label...ARIWA from the UK.
Released 1997.


1. Roots and Branches.
2. Kunte Kinte (ring a bell? Remember the film "Roots"?)
3. Repatriation is a must
4. Holy Mount Zion
5. Betcha by Golly Wow
6. Pillow Talk
7. Sugar My Coffee
8. Papa was a Rolling Stone
9. Rolling Down to Babylon
10. Chant them Down
11. Why Late and Regret

It's brilliant,...on the third replay as I type.