Hip-house not memorable

mark givens (markeg@hotmail.com)
Wed, 27 Aug 1997 13:09:30 PDT

Dear list:
in reply to the person who said hip-house was a fad I would like to list
these cuts as being memorable: Fast
eddie anf Sunflower- git up(dJ intl) Heavy D
and the boyz _heavy's got his own thang(uptown)
Turn up the bass Tyree (?) DJ INTL
any doug lazy atlantic the
power(wild ptch version) forgot the name(damn) wild pitch 2 men
and a dog doo doo brown deco
my point is that Dj intl said it was their biggest selling type of house
then ...... outa here!!! it was that quick!
Same thing with original techno a la "big fun "by Inner City zap -
gone!! In their case, they changed their style and no one followed up on
what they did the same way . The "noisy" Sheffield stuff came in and
pow ...outta here. I was just remarking on how this seemed to be due to
the collapse of the labels that promoted it or a decision by artist to
simply move on to other styles- between records. I would think that the
market was still sending signals that said more of same . at least
enough for an indie to make money with the style. instead poof!11 gone
and no one even wants to use the word hip house in public. I dont wanna
sound like some 80s whiner but how these things happen is funny to
me. at least when Nirvana killed off the hair bands it took 2 years, in
dance music ,it was like instant.

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