Fwd: Re: Mase's Jaw Broken

Art Vandelay
Wed, 31 Dec 1997 15:36:56 PST

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J. Michael Hall wrote:
> At 07:02 PM 12/30/97 EST, you wrote:
> >Sup everyone, i was wonderin if anyone else has heard that a member
of Wu
> Tang
> >hit Mase and broke his jaw and they were gonna attack Puff but he
> Is
> >ther anyone that can confirm this??
> >
> >thanks
> >peace
> >
> Haven't heard any way or the other, BUT. If his jaw is broken, he
> still be able to work.
> Mase is the only guy I can think of that can still rap, even if his
jaw is
> broken. Since he doesn't blink, and only gives up a droning (but
> monotone when rapping, not being able to open his mouth shouldn't
> much of an obstacle.
> Anyway, thank goodness for Puffy. The guy deserves a Nobel Peace
Prize. He
> single-handedly ended the foolishness that was the East/West war.
Folks in
> 1997 found it much more convient to spew venom wholly on him & his
> than to get all territorial.
> I swear, sometimes I feel like we're in some comic book zone. Does
> with Puffy & Mase increase the reverence of Wu-Tang? How many
> will this act enlist? Yeah, let's kick the performer's ass, I'm still
> my 15min.
> Mike Hall

Too bad Puffy escaped...Maybe Mase's rap will actually improve. You're
right it couldn't get any worse. Reminds me of when KRS1 punched the big
boy from that silly group that sampled "Knee Deep"...It's all good !!

Don't take me too serious, dog

I want U 2 B happy even if it's not wit me

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