RE: AJ Poll Categories--compiled

Fri, 2 Jan 98 11:35:44 -0000

>Well mates, this is as organized as I get - don't look for further
>clarification. Bil/Scott, many thanks for your help.
>Please send your nominations to me at . I'll accept
>nominations until Jan 8 and publish the results Jan 15. Note: Residents
>of California add 7% sales tax.

A couple of weeks ago, I said I'd be willing to take nominations and
combine them into a daily post, in other words, one message a day with
unedited nominations. As the nominations tapered off, I or someone would
compile a summary. I thought this might take a couple of weeks or so with
a summary posted around the end of January. However, if sending all
nominations to Mitch during the next week and a quicker posting of the
summary sounds better, that's fine.

As far as category deletions, additions, and clarifications, I say use
the ones you like and ignore those don't. The poll summary will then also
show the most useful categories.