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Pedro F. Cevallos Jr.
Fri, 02 Jan 1998 19:58:35 EST

On Jan 2 1998, Franz Enmark said:

>I just want to stress that it's a big shame that the one with the most
>always grabs things even in this field. I know that this is how things
work in this
>marketbullshitworld of ours but when the DEMAND is SOO MUCH bigger than
the >SUPPLY and something can be done about it, I think it should be done
(which was >the original intention with this mail). I know there are a
couple of folks from labels on >this list and here is my plea: don't
limit editions and REISSUE!

Not only that, but people with industry access should do everything in
their power to re-release gems. I admire Coldcut for what they're doing
-- they continue to push the envelope. I think they have the connections
and the power to rerelease Double D and Steinski's classic cuts. There
are young people like me who have never been able to own these records
and quite frankly music cannot move forward without a strong historical
background. Similarly, the "more beats and pieces" custom brakebeat
record should be available to the public. There could be another T Power
out there waiting to be discovered or a regular Joe Blow who can do
things with those samples nobody even dreamed of. Access is key. That's
why the "Let us play" CD-ROM is so great. It lets people make their own
music with a push start from those who've been doing it.

>Burn CD boots of deleted releases!

As much as I hate to admit it, this is the only solution record companies
are driving us to. I think it would be better if the original artists
could get their royalty for their work, but if the music is kept hidden
in the vaults or in the hands of a small minority, there is no other
choice. I think Ubiquity's approach is excellent. Track down the
original artists and license their songs from them to put in a comp or

Just a thought...

Pedro Cevallos

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