Re: Norman Cook.

Colin Millar
Tue, 6 Jan 1998 15:29:35 GMT

> JK> The geezer Lester is a Brighton-based rapper.
> I think Lester is hardly a male, or either I have been listening
> to the record at too a fast speed and she (or he) sure doesn't seem
> to rap. Rather sounds like singing. Or maybe the vocal parts are not
> by Lester at all but some other unmentioned lady?

He's a bloke as far as I can remember.

On the subjext of Norman Cook I've been playing loads of his old stuff
recently in particular his old cut'n'paste stuff like the James Brown
'Payback' megamix and 'It Began In Africa' by The Urban Allstars. What
I want to know is is there anyone willing to sell me their copy of his
reconstruction of The Osmonds 'One Bad Apple' (good money paid) or
know where I can locate one. I'm itching to have it on vinyl.


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