Re: ...lotsa reviews --> Yello...

Mark Turner
Wed, 7 Jan 1998 14:35:10 -0800 (PST)

> IMHO, the "Autres Voix, Autres Blues" CD is the weakest of Mighty Bop's
> releases. His "La Vague Sensorielle" and "Meet DJ Cam et La Funk Mob"
> (which has some duplicate tracks but is worth $10) are excellent chill,
> soundtrack-ish pieces, whereas "Autres" makes significant use of a
> vocalist to no great benefit. I'd pass on it.

I'd have to disagree with that. I found "Autres" to be the most
varied and satisfying Mighty Bop release to date. I *love* the
vocal tracks! The other stuff is good but it gets a bit tedious
after several tracks of nothing but blunted beats.

If I'm not mistaken, DJ Cam's "Mad Blunted Jazz" release is a double-
CD which contains both "Underground Vibes" and "Underground Live Act."
And The Mighty Bop's "Autres" contains all but one of the tracks
from "Ultraviolet Sounds." So be cautious when ordering.

> La Yellow Collection is a good 2 CD overview of the 1996 Yellow
> catalogue, covers a wide range of stuff. If you don't have any other YP
> CD's yet, get this one first. After that, I'd recommend picking up
> "Sacre Bleu", "Grand Love Story", and "La Yellow 357" (in that order).

I'd agree with this, though I still think "Autres" is right up there
with Yellow's best.

 Mark Turner