Re: Bridgette McWilliams

Mark Allerton
Thu, 08 Jan 1998 01:55:32 +0000

Balfourth, Winston wrote:

> Has anyone listened to the Bridgette McWilliams CD Too Much Woman? The
> last track "It's morning ... again" is listed as being 12.04 minutes
> but
> it only happens to be 6.04. What's the problem you may ask. The CD
> continues playing empty space for the remaining 6 minutes of the
> track.
> What sort of quality control is carried out on CD's? I can take the
> occasional typo but this is just bad production. By the way I do like
> the CD.
> C-Ya,
> Winston..

Umm... on my CD, the remainder of the track listed as "It's Morning...
Again" contains another version of "Through It All", after a brief

Mark Allerton