Re: Blackanized 360

Tony Reid
10 Dec 98 06:57:16 -0800

> Blackanized 360 : "Vibe"rations - whispered riff throughout (I got
> the rhythm, you got the rhythm - c'mon), hiphop beats, soaring sax
> work, shifts gears a few times, fffonky, my pick of the litter.
mi> Project'. They've recently released a new EP on their own Yush
mi> Produsction label featuring MC Mello and Awunsoundz. If anyone finds

i assume you're referring to "unreleased nuggets". i've got it on wax. i
have to say that of the 4 tracks on my vinyl, only 2 of them are playable.
elson has had the pleasure of hearing one of the tracks ("vibrations pt. 2")
and i got the distinct impression he dug it--e?

mi> themselves in Edinburgh you can find Joseph from the band djing at
mi> their 'Lizard Lounge' club where the band occasionally plays live.

mi> Colin.

hmm... what *else* is lizard lounge known for? for some reason the place
sounds really familiar...