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Thu, 8 Jan 1998 12:00:33 -0400,Internet writes:
>Ubiquity has extended a sale on all their releases, I believe, until
>end of January: $10 for CDs, don't know about vinyl. I've got most of
>their Ubiquity label releases but want to delve into their archival
>on Cubop and Luv N Haight. There've been some recent reviews here on
>LnH stuff and a couple references to Cubop--Matos and the Pharoahs.
>What's good? I'm considering "The Awakening" album by the Pharoahs and
>something by Matos but I'm not sure which one. How about the comps,
>as the Latin Jazz Dance Classics, volumes 1 and 2? Worth getting?

>By the way, thanks for the reviews on the Yellow Productions releases!


One of the best by far is "Bag of Goodies", it's their best selling
comp of all time and the reason is that it's great...Very
It's much better than "The Best of Luv 'N Haight" which I would avoid.
If you like more straight ahead Weldon Irvine's "Music is the Key" is
really nice chill out music.
And, finally, if you're into funky jazz guitar Wes Montgomery style
check out Ivan Boogaloo Joe Jones' "Sweetback". It's awesome.


colin olkowski

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