Re: The lope song - Eddie Russ

Balfourth, Winston
Fri, 9 Jan 1998 10:00:00 -0000

Brilliant tune,

A very good sample of it was used by the Young Disciples on their album
"Road to Freedom". If you're living in the UK you can still buy the
album or 12" in Soul Jazz records, which is based in Ingestre Place,
which is in the Soho area of the west-end of London. I don't think that
they're on the net yet but if you have a browser check Erik's A-Jazz
page it should give you the full address details.

From: Alex Williams
To: Matthew Fredrickson
Cc: Acid Jazz List
Subject: Re: The lope song - Eddie Russ
Date: Thursday, 08 January, 1998 09:52

Matthew Fredrickson wrote:

> I need help from you all .... please don't let me down.
> The lope song is one of my all time favorite funky numbers and I only
ever had it on a tape that Gilles P made up for a friend of mine. One
sad day last month my car chewed the tape up beyond repair.
> Does anyone know of a compilation with this tune on it?

I don't know of any compilation, but Soul Jazz re-released the song on
12" (it was one of their first releases). They later re-released the
album "Fresh Out". I'm not sure if the album would still be
available. Ask around.

Hope that helps,