NuYorican Soul

Jim Kerr
Mon, 12 Jan 1998 09:39:23 -0500

What is the Mind Fluid track like? I have the Nervous Track on the
Nervous Tony Humphries compilation (now I can't remember name but
basically Best of 91-97). Not usually of a house disposition but this
has some nice MAW stuff on it.

I heard something about a vol 2. Anyone know anything about this?

Finally - I was re-reading the sleeve notes again this weekend esp on
Black Gold of the Sun. There is some nice stuff about this track closing
out these long mystic soulful journeys that Larry Levan used to play -
Minnie Ripperton, Jocelyn Brown etc. I think the writer then talks about
this stuff being in the tradition of Stevie Wonder, Normon Connors etc.
I guess this fits right in with what 4 Hero say about the song in the
SNC interview and how it is such an important track. Now I'm rambling.
Get to the point Jim! My question is: where can I get some more of this
70s Salsoul stuff? I think there is a Larry Levan compilation that I
just saw. On vinyl too. I got the latest issue of Jockey Slut which had
an article on The Paradise Garage which gives a flavour of what the club
was all about but says more about the quirky tracks he used to play
(Jackson 5 ABC and Van Halen Jump?!!) than the above.

Btw - You Can Do It Baby CD single is only $1.99 in Tower and a lush 14

I can't believe I haven't seen the Gilles and Norman Desert Island mix
on anyone's best of 97 charts!

Did anyone catch India at SOB?

It is a quite beautiful day in New York. Anyone else think that the sun
here is just more, well, sunny, than in Europe?

Enough already

Love to you all,