Re: Coldcut/Peter and the Wolf
Thu, 22 Jan 1998 14:50:53 +0100


The Coldcut tune is 10 years old now (1987) and th'one from TW 6 by Sons of
Judah is from '94 or '95. The Sons of Judah was, I think, another project
by Barry K Sharp as in 'Diana Brown & Barry K Sharp' (anyone remember 'The
Masterplan'). So, yeah they both use that Peter & the Wolf sample but
that's about as far as the similarities go. The Sons of Judah tune also
used this great sample from from Brian Auger & Juie Driscoll's 'Indian Rope
Man' - wicked hammond groove!

ps Got the nu Air album 'Moon Safari' on Monday. Believe the hype, it
really is VERY good. on 01/22/98 01:37:51 PM

cc: (bcc: Gerry Molumby/PC2K_DUB/POWERCOM 2000)
Subject: Coldcut/Peter and the Wolf

I'm curious when the "more beats and pieces" track was released.
Haven't heard that track, but I have heard a track from "totally wired
9" (1992) with a cool segue from Peter and the Wolf (orchestral
strings) to a hip, snappy drum beat. The track is Peter and The Wolf
In Sheep's Clothing-Sons of Judah. Just curious what the similarities
in the two tracks might be and which came first.



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