Andrew Nelson
Wed, 28 Jan 98 12:36:18 -0000

In the tradition of using the past as a path to step into the future,
we at Giant Step are proud to bring to the stage a man who has been an
influence not only to individual artists but whole for musical styles as well.
His shows no doubt hold elements for hip hop heads, jazz freaks, funk junkies
and most any music enthusiast. My personal recommendation is carried with
this update. I hope to see you there. - Andrew


SOB's - 200 Varick Street
* Friday, January 30th - 8 & 10pm *

The legendary vibeologist has arrived for one night and we want
you to be a part of it all. From the classics like "Everybody Loves
The Sunshine" and "We Live In Brooklyn Baby", through his work on the
Nuyorican Soul album and straight up to the soon to be released "Spoken
Word", Roy has dazzled showrooms with his glowing personality and
unforgettable performances. Spreading his arms wide, Roy takes grip on
soul, funk, jazz fusion, and Latin stylings. He has been so well
appreciated as to have blazed paths for many acid jazz and fusion bands
as well as lending beats and samples to hip hop personalities like Gang Starr,
Digable Planets, A Tribe Called Quest and countless others.

Come feel the sunshine as Roy Ayers lights up the stage this Friday at SOB's

Special guest DJ Nickodemus.

SOB's, 200 Varick Street @ W. Houston.
Show at 8pm and 10pm.
$15 advanced sale tickets are available through ticketmaster locations.

#5/12 - U R B A N TAP
An Unforgettable Night of Freestyle Tap, Percussion & DJ Culture
SHINE - 380 CANAL @ West Broadway
* THURSDAY JANUARY 29, 1998 - 8pm*

│Under the tapping soles of Herbin Van Cayseele, a square of plywood
speaks like a fast talking drum, footwork is lightning fast and elegant
and the musicians read the taps like a letter !▓ DAILY NEWS

Combining shattering rolls of toe-heal with smoothed out graceful slides,
Herbin Van Cayseele, creator and visionary of the movement URBAN TAP,
makes his art look simple. It is not enough for him to merely move with
the music, he is insistent on being part of the music. By transforming his
body into a one man percussion machine Herbin uses the stage to its
fullest - going as far as to battle a DJ scratch for scratch - using drum
în bass, trip hop and groove jazz as a soundscape, recreating turntable
skills with the sand under his feet.

│There are no maps on Herbin╣s taps, his dancing draws from the rhythms
of Africa, the streets of Paris and New Yorks clubs. It is eloquent,
boisterous and subtle▓ NEW YORK TIMES

Bouncing off the skills of accomplished tappers Max Pollack, Rod Ferrone
and 87 year old master Buster Brown, URBAN TAP is well underway as Herbin
takes on the skyscrapers with a breathtaking stilt dance battle, steps back
for a display of the power and grace of the Brazilian Martial Arts dance
CAPOEIRA, kicks back in with the driving percussion group BEAT THE DONKEY
and finally climaxes with an all out freestyle session and tribute to the

│The audience was transfixed, Van Cayseele was resplendent - the stage
glowed▓ TIME OUT

Herbin is joined on stage by a seamless ensemble of musicians, dancers
and performers including Jay Collins (sax), Madou (djembe), Tanveer (tablas),
DJ Chillfreez live in the mix, the powerful driving percussion group Beat
The Donkey and on the taps Max Pollak, Rod Ferrone, the legend Buster Brown
and a slew of special guests.

Just back from a World Tour, through Europe, Australia, New Zealand and
North America, URBAN TAP uses the stage as its canvas, tap shoes as the brush
and the skills of a multi talented crew to turn New York╣s hottest new spot
SHINE into a living gallery!

SHINE is located at 380 CANAL @ West Broadway.
$10 advance Tickets through all Ticketmaster
outlets + 212)307-7171,

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