Re: MeShell [was Digable Planets etc]

Kurt Iveson
Thu, 29 Jan 1998 12:26:11 +1100

Philip writes...

>yeah absolutely...but while im attracting a few flames i may as well go
>for a few Meshell... "plantation lullabies".....truly
>wonderful... "peace ...passion"...hideous cack....what
>happened?????is madonna to blame???

You want em, you got em... ;-)

I actually reckon Peace Beyond Passion is just as good the first album. It
took me a few listens to think this way ... at first I was a bit
disappointed because it didn't immediately hit me with total funkiness the
way Plantation Lullabies did. But now I find myself being drawn the
Peace.. more often than the first album. The songwriting is even heavier,
the production is even better, and the playing and grooves are sublime ...
and there just seems a bit more light and shade on the album. Niggerman,
Leviticus Faggot, God Shiva, The Way and Make me wanna holler all seriously
move me.... I think I probably rate MeShell as my favourite recording
artist (at least top 2 or 3), and can't wait for the next one to drop ...
another 4-6 months apparently.

my two cents anyway. Anyone on the list seen her live? love to get a
report of one of her gigs some time (I'm not holding my breath for an
Australian tour...)