RE: MeShell [was Digable Planets etc]

Dawn Kinishi
Thu, 29 Jan 1998 10:09:18 -0600

> my two cents anyway. Anyone on the list seen her live? love to get a
> report of one of her gigs some time (I'm not holding my breath for an
> Australian tour...)
I saw MeShell live in Chicago. It was definitely moving but I didn't
think MeShell's bass was as good as I've heard. My date and I both
agreed there were way too many "slow jam" type treatments. They rarely
went all out funky like she can (niggerman was smokin though). But she
has an amazing on-stage connection with the audience (talks a lot and
jokes a lot; spoke freely about her sexuality which I found suprisingly
well-taken by the usually close-minded Midwesterners; "gabbed" about
Love Jones). In short, see her at least once.