a little bit on a lot OR the magic disappearing credit line

-sirk- (revolut@magicnet.net)
Wed, 03 Jun 1998 05:03:46 -0400

Bad Mood, my favorite record store has returned and I made
the colossial mistake of going in there today with a credit
card. It was an accident, I swear. I didn't even know they
were open. For the next month all donations of food with be
graciously accepted.

Ninja Cuts: Funkjazztical Tricknology. Old (95?) ninja tune
comp. I wanna be a ninja when I grow up.

les rythmes digitales: music makes you lose control. a
side main tune. funky bass, happy smile beat music. b side
remix did nothing for me. b2 to those djs- simple kinda
silly. think I like it cause of the 80's synth cheesy riff
and casio sounding boucy bass.

the prunes: tracks from the darkside vol2. I got this
cause I do whatever the list tells me to. To reiterate, its
great. blaalyn express cool xephone dark beat. theme part
2 amusing story about the 40 year funk with really good flow
and nice production.

hawke: vivos en la muerte. smooth and good. uses some
great noises in an otherwise ?smooth house? song. no, its
not house, forget I said that. When I have time I figure
out what kind of music this is I get back with you. Took a
strong dislike to the remixes on the b side. The Hawke logo
on the sleeve rules.

monkey mafia: long as I can see the light. ok, this is not
what I took Monkey Mafia was all about. Sweet female vocal
over an aj, dub track. Flip side more dub, regae mc and
cool noise, this time with breaks. There we go, I knew M.M.
was loud. All kinds of thumbs up.

Living it: DJ Jeannie Hopper + Sabine Worthman. 4 mixes, 1
song. Spoken word by Martha Cinader over a phat live bass
(on the favorite mix). Originally thought it was kind of
lame but I kept going back to it in the store again and
again. I'll see how it holds up. Reminds me of what got me
in2 a.j. in the first place.

Invisible Pair of Hands. disparation. I don't know about
this yet ask me when I've heard it again. There's a chance
that I might think its boring. Oil, Oil, Oil, is good tho.
But if that turns out to be it, then I would have been
better off with Another Compilation on Cup of Tea.

Day Trip to Brisco. a side Elite Force super banging track
with dirty funky squelchy things. It just makes me happy!
b side sgt. rock. oh well, the a side is really good.

This is what I think after everythings had one go round on
the tables so opinions are subject to change.


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