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Tunde (
Wed, 3 Jun 1998 10:31:33 -0400 (EDT)

On Wed, 3 Jun 1998, Pedro F. Cevallos Jr. wrote:

> I've been listening to a lot of Witchman lately and would like to get
> some more music along that tip. I basically want any dark
> ambient/dnb/breaks/whatever as long as it's not that souless, monotone,
> cheese stuff (Dom, Optical, and company). The more it fucks with my
> head, the happier I'll be. I basically want music that will put the fear
> of god/dess into you but still give you an incredible groove. Any leads?

If tyou are looking for scary music, you should get into TRicky.
Especially "Nearly God" very experimental, and in my opinion a good album.
And some of the songs sound really demonic.
But dont stop there. Get Pre millenium tension and Maxinquaye also. Im not
sure of his new album ive been hearing too many bad reviews. Ill need to
hear it myself.

> NP: Amok II -- Witchman
> Peace,
> Pedro Cevallos
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