CDuctive June Newsletter
Wed, 3 Jun 1998 07:46:31 -0700 (PDT)

Greetings friends and a special welcome to all newcomers!

Here is this month's update from CDuctive ( - the sound of the underground on custom cd. Catch this newsletter online on the What's New page.

* FREE MUSIC! - Making a custom CD is now easier than ever. All of the tracks in our style samplers are FREE! And we've lowered the price of the first track to just $4.99. So if you haven't made a custom CD in a while, now's the right time!

* MORE NEW TITLES - Hundreds of new tracks this month spanning house, drum 'n' bass, acid jazz, and just about every other section in our catalog, including more exclusive titles that you won't find anywhere else!

* CDUCTIVE FIESTA - Coney Island High in NYC was fortunate enough to house an all out extravaganza when CDuctive and got together to throw the jammy jam of jammy jams in May!!!

* FREE CUSTOM CDS - Our winners are announced at the end of this note.


We are proud to announce the first installment of titles from premier New York house label, Northcott Productions.  Through its production company and its family of labels, Northcott has been instrumental in developing the careers of top producers such as Todd Terry, Frankie Bones, Tommy Musto, Danny Tenaglia, Victor Simonelli, Armand van Helden and many others.  For June, we've uploaded many classics and new releases.  And there's much more on the way.

More great house from SFP Records!  This Miami-based label has been tearing up the Billboard dance charts for the past few weeks, particularly with the record "I Got a Man" by Shampale Cartier.  Get them while they're hot.

Jungle Sky, America's premier drum 'n' bass label, makes its debut at CDuctive!  Loads of titles from Soul Slinger, 1.8.7, DJ Wally, Ming and many others are now available.  All the tracks from their most recent release, "This is Jungle Sky Volume V - Rock & Roll", are available now.  The record was just given a great review in Rolling Stone magazine: "This is ideal for burgeoning beat junkies...Jungle Sky rocks."  We at CDuctive couldn't agree more.

London-based Aphrodite Recordings and sister imprint Urban Takeover are here at last!  Aphrodite and partner Mickey Finn are legends in the drum 'n' bass world.  All of these tracks are blazin' and most are only available at CDuctive.  You won't find them on vinyl, CD, or any other format...anywhere!

More CDuctive-only releases!  Eighth Dimension Records, home to Q-Burns Abstract Message and Pimp Daddy Nash, have provided us with their first installment of exclusive tracks.  Don't miss out!

Hip-hop fans, get ready!  We're currently signing the finest independent hip-hop labels out there.  For a taste of what's to come, we've already added tracks from New York's Eastern Conference Records.  Artists like Mad Skillz and Smut Peddlers are getting great reviews from all magazines of taste.  Check them out while we prepare an unrivaled selection of hip-hop titles.

Welcome Silent and Dot!  San Francisco-based Silent has provided us with their first of many releases in CDuctive's custom CD store.  And what a release it is!  "Endlessnessism" is a record of abstract beat remixes by such artists as Funki Porcini, Quant, Ian O'Brien, and many others.  Put out in Sweden by the innovative Dot label and in the U.S. by Silent, this is the shape of things to come.

Leeds-based Flex Records, home of L Double, is here at long last.  Check out harder drum 'n' bass tracks from Sappo, Acetate, L Double and others.

Long standing acid jazz favorite, Tongue & Groove Records, are on board.  For those of you who like The Brand New Heavies, be sure to discover artists like The Whole Affair, The Powdered Rhino Horns, Izit, Mighty Truth, and many more.  This label grooves.

A warm welcome to Map Music of Vancouver, Canada.  This relatively new label has been getting enormous press for its excellent releases.  Regarding the label compilation, Alternative Press noted, "this cohesive collection successfully presents the thriving scene of Canada's west coast as one deserving greater international visibility."  And for the recent Pilgrims of the Mind album, entitled "What's Your Shrine?", Streetsound affirmed "...undoubtedly the best electronic music album released in Canada this year."  This is a label not to be missed.

Also from Canada is Purespace Records.  Our first installment of titles, featuring the house artist X-Nation, is just a click away.

Moving Shadow's latest releases are here.  Tracks from E-Z Rollers new album, including the British chart-topping "Tough at the Top", are now available.  And more from Dope Dragon - look for great tunes from DJ Die, DJ Suv, J. Raq, and Mask.  There's no better preparation than this for the soon to be released "Wayz of the Dragon" compilation - destined to be a classic.

The finest in independent hip-hop labels are signing at breakneck speed.  Among the choice offering, look for exclusive CDuctive-only releases and tracks previously available only on vinyl.

OM Records' catalog will be up in July.  That means excellent grooves, just in time for summer.  Among the releases look for Blue Boy's "Remember Me", an absolute classic.

Blue Planet, the London label responsible for Plaid, Plug and many more of the most talked about electronic artists, is working with CDuctive.  Look for their stellar releases next month.

Emotif and Botchit & Scarper are famed for fat beats.  See just how fat they are in July.

Soma, the label that gave Daft Punk their first break, has signed up with us.  For those who haven't followed the amazing Glasgow house scene for the past couple of years, this will be your chance to discover it!

And that's just a taste.  Look for our July newsletter for full details on the many new labels and artists joining CDuctive.

Congratulations to this month's CDuctive weekly winner contest, Ernesto Martinez. There are still three winners who have not yet claimed there prize. IS IT YOU? Check your email in-box and see!!!

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