New DJ krush (was Cam: same ole battle records)

Tony Reid (
26 Jan 99 01:53:04 -0800

er> I'll also say I like "Substances" much better than "The Beat
er> Assassinated", I think its the wack rappers, that give me pause, just
er> like the new Krush.
er> erik g

erik i am *so* glad you said something about the mcs on "milight"!! i
them!! i'm particularly bummed, cuz i *loved* "meiso"--even though it took
to long for me to buy it. i almost bought "milight" on rep alone, but i'm
glad i didn't. as far as the cam goes, all i've heard is the single, and
ok (kinda the same way a "d"--in the u.s.--is still a passing grade...).