Gil Scott-Heron

blackpearl (
Thu, 04 Jun 1998 09:15:31 -0700

In Wednesday's (June 3, 1998)Washington Post newspaper (in Washington,
D.C.), there was an article in the arts section about Gil Scott-Heron.
Title of the article is "At Last, the Word Is Out". I'm sure most of you
already know but there is now a catalog CD on his work. 3 albums for the
70s will be the first wave of reissues from TVT and Rumal-Gia, Gil's new
label; an additioanl 10 albums (of 20 recorded) will be out by the end of
the year.

For anyone who cares to hear a soundbite (which features "The Bottle")
you can call Post-Haste (the Washington Post's sample line) and
(202)334-9000 and press 8182 (code for the soundbite.)

There is also a photo of Gil along with the article but unfortunately I
don't have a scanner. The Post has and online site at Maybe the article is online there. Is in the
Arts section of the paper.