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My dad is a big Allman Brothers fan, it has to be said. Not much of a
fan myself, but on the other hand I always did like "Mountain Jam" from
the "Eat A Peach" LP. Pretty damn funky for a bunch of hippies... check
that cover art!

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Yeah but I still remember Greg Allmans comment "Rap is Crap". But I dig


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> 2. The Allman bros aint so bad
> these guys have always rocked--in every sense of that word!! also,
> remember
> that a lot of hiphop breaks are from rock tunes--i think shadow said
> gets
> *most* of his drums from rock records...
> -t
> p.s. welcome to the "other side" of hiphop--i.e., 'isn't that the
> from...?'