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Mon, 8 Jun 1998 00:37:29 -0700

I'll help out anybody who's putting more Jazz clubs on this planet! As a true Acid Jazz fan, if there's anything I hate more going to a "jazzy type club" its hearing dance music as soon as I walk in the door (especially from groups like Spice Girls & Back Street Boyz)... please don't put your customers through this torture.

What I find that's really nice is having some classic jazz (Ella Fitzgerald, Monk, Armstrong, Coltrane, ...) in the early evening to encourage people to hang out during the evening for drinks as well as in the night!

Featuring Latin Jazz nights would also be a good idea (I'm sure Rick Martinez will agree, he's been raving about Latin Jazz for a while! Maybe he's got some good ideas for Latin night!).

Anyways, for all its worth, that's my two bits about the jazz club scene.


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Date: Friday, June 05, 1998 3:58 PM
Subject: Jazz Club

>Hello friends...
>I am in the idea stage of making a jazz club in Madison, Wi...Basically I'm
>looking for any and all suggestions that you all find are most appealing
>about the clubs that you go to...obviously live music is a huge thing, but
>I'm talking drink specials, special events, menu items, utensils(forks,
>glasses, etc.), overall ambiance, lighting, etc. you get the picture...If
>this thing pans out, anyone visiting the American Midwest can stop by my
>Madison club for a free drink or whatnot...thank you in advance!
>keep-keep bouncin'...