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I agree with you bro. I have to give BET it's props. BET has Caribbean
Rhythms also. If it wasn't for them, I would not be familiar with some
dope Reggae, Soca or Calypso artists out there. Also BET for me is a
venue to sample some of the new stuff coming out. Some of the stuff, I
don't like but some of it I do. I got turned on to Davina, Chico
DeBarge and a renewed interest in Family Stand after seeing their live
performance on Rachel's show. For those who were not fortunate to catch
Maxwell live as I did, he performed also. Erykah Badu, Kenny Lattimore,
Eric Benet and others performed live too. Just this pass week I caught
Ricky Jones, he is not a new kid on the block but I never heard of him.
Let up off of BET folks. You never know what goodies are hidden
musically out there.

Boone from Atlanta

P.S. I'm playing catch up. I'm just getting a chance to respond to
some of these good messages.

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A word to all the blind,

DAMN!!! Why is everybody on BET's nut-sack? First off, If you don't
like BET,
well then watch something else. BET can't please everybody. BET
caters to a
certain audience, chiefly Black folks (hint the name Black
Television). Most black folks could give a flying fuck about you and
opinion---and so does BET.
BET''s target market is getting to see Rap, R&B, and Jazz music that
otherwise NOT get play on that utilitarian MTV.

MTV had nothing to do with Rap music, let alone R&B, and Jazz. MTV
decided to get into rap music when it discovered that rap music was
mainstream (i.e. white kids were buying rap music) and that urban
Blacks, who
support and buy this music, were a large untapped ca$h potential.
Thus the
advent of that now defunct Yo! MTV Raps show, which only gave rap
fans about
an hour of pleasure with the rest devoted to mainstream (white) music
metal and rock music).
BET was designed and created by Black folks who wanted to have a show
would cater to their own entertainment and music tastes. Not
everybody can get
down to rock and alternative music.

The Black people who control BET know and understand the Black music
of Jazz, Rap, and R&B (Yes, I did say Black artform, look who the
majority of
the artists are who perform this music---Black folks!!!, go figure).
You have
to also understand that BET encompasses ALL venues of Black
entertainment---Black actors, comedians, and social issues---so equal
has to be given to each and every one of these venues. BET is not
soley a
music station and was not originally intended to ever be. It is a
designed to give Black people access to Black-oriented shows,
and issues they would'nt otherwise get if it were left up to the
media. If anybody thinks this is wrong or racists it isn't. Spanish
have their own stations that cater to their music and their own
issues. If
they didn't who would? Nobody, because nobody else cares. Do for
I'd rather not have a room full of white middle-aged clueless media
decide what is"cool", "hip", or "happenin'' for my viewing pleasures
they don't even live the hip-hop lifestyle nor can they truly
appreciate it or
understand it.
That's why Yo! MTV Raps folded---misguided by clueless media execs
out for
cold hard ca$h money.

As a Black man I support BET for the support that they give to people
who love
and appreciate Rap, R&B, and Jazz. Fuck all the criticisms. If you
don't like
the station pick up the remote and push on some place else because we
give a fuck about you and your bitch-ass opinions. We're getting what
we want
to see and if it wasn't for BET people like me would be left to watch
lame-ass corny MTV bullshit.

Seek wisdom son.

Peace Out,